Wednesday, 25 February 2015

University dilemmas

I have long debated over whether University is the right choice for me. At college it all became too much as the decision to go or not was practically chosen for us. The entire focus of our two years were personal statements, references, UCAS applications and endless revision timetables.
 However, unlike my friends I could not envision my future in terms of my career. With University being at its most expensive as well, we are essentially choosing a £27,000 course and so I wanted to ensure it was a fundamental investment in my future.
This is where I feel something is going wrong. I have always been an A grade student, Cambridge and other top universities were mentioned to me as my potential from secondary school.
But instead of being inspired by University I was daunted by the prospect of being financially dependent on my parents and having to juggle lots of paid employment in addition to studying a full time course.
The current system I think is flawed in many ways. For starters, the amount of financial help you receive from the government is dependent on your parents income. This means I would have been far better off and comfortable going to university if my parents earned far less.
Although they may earn what the government considers too much to qualify for certain help I will by no means be getting large handouts from them. My accommodation will be basic and I will have to take any job going.

I do understand it allows young people from harder financial situations to further their education, but shouldn't we as a nation be inspiring our entire army of fresh faced college leavers to become degree holding professionals?  Wouldn't that be better for our economical status? Instead tuition fees have risen and I believe this sends the wrong message about the importance of education.

I have a bit more researching to do before making any big decisions but in the meantime I am working hard to save for a future i cant quite yet picture.


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