Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Sale Steals

As post Christmas blues sweep us all into a sad pit of despair, the sales begin. 
It is unfortunate that we turn into Christmas gremlins as we fight for bargains. To avoid this display of unpopular behavior to the wider public, I have devised a way that means only a select few will have to bare the brunt.

My Top Tip.
 Shop Online. Its fuss free, people free, untidy shops free and it means you can be chomping on the chocolate orange you received in your Christmas stocking as you do it.

Here are my top sale steals:

 ASOS premium Trousers
was £40
now £20

ASOS Premium Blazer
was £50
now £30

ASOS Leather Clutch
was £28
now £14.50

was £45
now £29

was £29.99
now £14.00

was £19.99
now £10

was £24.99
now £12

was £24.99
now £12


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