Tuesday, 27 January 2015


To celebrate mine and my boyfriends birthday's we headed up to London for 2 nights.
We wanted a budget hotel and so opted for the Premier Inn, Kensington, Earls Court.
We had a lovely stay there, everything was clean, the staff friendly and most importantly, the bar reasonably priced.
That evening we ate at Jamie's Italian in Covent Gardens (it is very busy so make sure you pre-book). It has such a lovely vibrant atmosphere, everyone talking and enjoying good food. Although, saying that we did sit near a table insistent in photographing every element of their meal. This became slightly frustrating when trying to enjoy my gorgeous Vegetable Rotolo Al Forno whilst being momentarily blinded by white light.
By the second course i am pretty sure they had run out of memory and so we were able to eat our delicious brownie and caramelized popcorn in dim romantic lighting.

It really was a lovely meal and I have only heard positive things about his restaurants. 

The second day was mostly spent in Oxford Street.
Shopping on an empty stomach is a terrible idea so we popped into Ponti's Italian Kitchen on John Princes Street, Oxford Circus for breakfast. I had a huge bowl of warm porridge, topped with strawberries and banana and a freshly squeezed orange juice.
Coincidentally, of course, Pandora was only a 30 second walk away, and my boyfriend truly spoilt me in there and throughout the day. 

To fuel our tired shopped out bodies we headed to Byron Burger in the evening. The best veggie burger i have ever had, which is hard to come across as usually they can be dry and pretty tasteless. After spending £20 on two drinks in a bar round the corner we headed back to the hotel.

It was such a lovely weekend. Comment or tweet me if you would like to see the jewelry and other pieces I bought on my trip.



  1. Happy belated birthday hope you had an amazing day :)

    1. ahh thankyou yes it was amazzzing